Three-Day Transition Year Event Part II

Following on from our last post on the recently held three-day Transition Year Event at the School of Applied Psychology, here are some more thoughts from students who took part. The event aimed to provide a broad overview of what a degree in Applied Psychology entails and an idea for the type of research that is carried out in the School. Have a read below!


Annie O’Callaghan & Meaghan Jeal

The two of us always had an interest in psychology and mental health, but we never really knew too much about it. We heard about this TY psychology course and decided to come along, not really knowing what to expect. Within ten minutes, the way we thought about psychology had been turned upside down.

After a warm welcome and witty ice breakers, we had a tour of the library and main campus. We quickly fell in love with the grounds and friendly environment. We had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture about Cognitive and Biological Psychology where we learned about human memory. After this we walked over to the School of Applied Psychology, where we had a workshop on psychology in the workplace.

Day 2 began with a stressful drive down simulator lane. We spent the rest of the morning doing stress tests in the driving simulator and went through the theories behind them. We also looked at some of the most influential experiments past psychologists have carried out such as the Stanford Prison Experiment. The rest of the day was spent chatting to the PhD students about their amazing research.

The final day started with a careers talk, informing us on the many different areas psychologists work in. We then spoke about stress triggers in teenagers and the rise of talking therapies. We finished off the day talking about multisensory perception and before we knew it our very enjoyable three days in UCC had come to an end.












Eve Kelly, Ailbhe Griffin, & Ellie Aneiros

We started off the course by introducing ourselves to difference people with icebreaker tasks. It was a really good way to meet and speak to new people. After this we had a tour of the Boole library and the full campus which gave us an insight into college life in UCC. We then had a talk from a representative of the Students Union and we learned about the various clubs and societies as well as getting involved in the Students Union.

After lunch, we attended the first year undergraduate Biological and Cognitive Psychology lecture. The lecture was entitled ‘Introduction to Memory’ and we learned about the different models of human memory. Our last activity of the day was on psychology in the workplace, where we learned about decision making and took part in an activity about surviving a 200 mile moon walk with limited supplies. Thankfully, we all survived!

On the 2nd day, we did a driving simulation. There is a full car in a room as well as large screens which makes you feel like you’re fully immersed in the virtual environment. The activity is designed to make you crash and get stressed. While other groups were in this simulation we learned about the classic experiments in psychology such as the Stanford Prison Experiment.

On the 3rd day, we had a range of fascinating lectures on the large variety of topics including careers in psychology, knowing your triggers for stress, the rise of talk therapies and multisensory perception. This gave us a broad view of the pathways available upon completion of the Applied Psychology degree and what you need to do to get into these fields.



Paul Wills, Leah Flynn, Ciara Hurley, Nia Daly, Lucy Kelleher, & Cathy Hynes

Our three days in UCC were really great! It was really awkward at the beginning, but the students were made to feel really welcome and we all became great friends after a few ice-breakers. After this, it was straight into a tour of UCC’s main campus. We even got to sit in a real college psychology lecture which was a great experience!

On the Wednesday, we got the chance to try out the driving simulator where we did an experiment on stress and some of us got interviews on our dream jobs. Our favourite part was meeting the PhD students who told us about their own research projects.

On our last day we had a talk all about the careers options from studying psychology, and we were all amazed to see how many careers psychology links with. We then had talks about stress, multisensory perception and talk therapies which were all very interesting.

Then…we wrote the blog you’re reading now, we are not writing it now obviously, but you are now reading it and we know this blog your mind because we are all psychologists!




Michael Collins, John Lane, & Fionn Cabrin

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in UCC. We learned loads about psychology and what it’s like to attend college. We highly recommend this course to all transition year students and future applicants as it was highly worthwhile!

The course also includes a tour of the main campus and gives an insight into the history of UCC. We attended many talks on different aspects in psychology and potential future opportunities, which opened our eyes to many jobs that we had never heard of!